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                                                            October 1992

          Schedule for IP Address Space Management Guidelines

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   This memo suggests a schedule for the implementation of the IP
   network number allocation plan described in RFC 1366.  This schedule
   is meant to support the implementation and deployment of an address
   aggregation mechanism for the Internet by proposing an achievable
   target for which we can all aim.  The timely deployment of that
   aggregation mechanism and the IP addressing plan will help the the
   size of the Internet router forwarding tables and management of the
   IP address space.  By doing so, it will help the current Internet
   addressing and routing technology operate during the interim period
   until the next generation technology is deployed. This interim
   solution in no way constrains the selection of the next generation
   addressing and routing technology.

   This draft schedule was put together by the FNC Engineering and
   Planning Group (FEPG) based on the IP addressing plan BOF of the July
   1992 IETF meeting, as well as discussions with a number (though, of
   course, not all) of knowledgeable and interested parties, including
   the IANA and IR.  This draft schedule assumes that the address
   aggregation mechanism will be available in the Internet by mid-1993.
   The activities described in this schedule are the precursors to that
   deployment, and will promote the efficient operation of that
   mechanism.  We feel that our assumptions are realistic and that this
   schedule can be met.  We encourage its open discussion as we move
   toward community consensus.

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   Note that the references below to an addressing plan and to criteria
   for regional address registries refer to RFC 1366.

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RFC 1367        Schedule for IP Address Space Guidelines    October 1992

Draft Implementation Schedule for IP Network Number Allocation Plan:

      1) 31 October 92:

         The following address allocation procedures are continued:

         a) Initial set of criteria for selecting regional address
            registries will be put into place, and requests from
            prospective regional registries will be accepted by the

         b) Class A network numbers are practically impossible to

         c) Class B network numbers will continue to be issued only when
            reasonably justified.  If possible, a block of C's will be
            issued rather than a B. The requirements for allocating a
            Class B will become progressively more constrained until the
            date in step (3).

         d) Class C network numbers will be allocated according to the
            addressing plan.  Allocation will be performed by the
            Internet Registry (IR) if an appropriate regional registry
            has not yet been designated by the IANA.

      2) 14 February 93:

         Re-evaluate and readjust the schedule if necessary.

      3) 15 April 93:

         a) The IR begins to allocate all networks according to the
            addressing plan in appropriately sized blocks of Class C

         b) Class B network numbers will be difficult to obtain,
            following the recommendation of the addressing plan and only
            issued when justified.

      4) 6 June 93:

         Expected date that an address aggregation mechanism is
         available in the Internet.


   [1] Gerich, E., "Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space", RFC
       1366, Merit, October 1992.

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RFC 1367        Schedule for IP Address Space Guidelines    October 1992

Security Considerations

   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

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