IPv6 Registration at the RIPE NCC


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IPv6 Registration at the RIPE NCC



What is the RIPE NCC?

RIPE NCC Service Region

Regional Internet Registries

RIPE NCC Activities

RIPE NCC - Statistics

Policy Development

RIPE NCC in Global Context

How Can You Participate

RIPE NCC Profile


IANA Allocations to RIRs

Current format boundaries

IPv6 Allocations

Global IPv6 Allocation Policies

Global IPv6 Allocation Policies - Bootstrap Phase

Duration of Bootstrap Phase

IPv6 Allocations - APNIC

IPv6 Allocations - ARIN

IPv6 Allocations - RIPE NCC

IPv6 Allocations - Distribution in RIPE NCC Region

Database Object

Costs for IPv6 Allocation

IPv6 Global Policy Document

Pointers & References


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