The Internet Registry System


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Table of Contents

The Internet Registry System


What is RIPE?

RIPE Meeting Attendees in 1999

RIPE Meeting Attendance per Organisational Category 1999

Policy Development in RIPE

Policy Development Process

Global Context

What is the RIPE NCC?

Why a NCC ?

RIPE NCC Profile

RIPE NCC Membership

New LIRs per Region 1999

Vital Statistics

RIPE NCC Activities (1)

RIPE NCC Activities (2)

Formal Decision Making

RIPE NCC in Global Context

RIPE NCC Service Region

Global Policy Development

How Can You Participate

Pointers & References


IPv4 Allocation Policies

IPv6 Allocation Policies

IPv6 Allocation Policies (Bootstrap Phase)

Author: RIPE NCC