IPv6 Address Allocation and Management


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Table of Contents

IPv6 Address Allocation and Management


What is the RIPE NCC?

RIPE NCC Activities

RIPE NCC Profile

RIPE NCC Service Region

Global IPv4 Allocations

IPv6 Policy Developments

Old IPv6 Address Boundaries

New IPV6 Unicast Address

Proposed Allocation Principles

Determining IPv6 Allocation Size

Initial Minimum Allocation Size

Subsequent Allocations

Utilisation Rate

Next Steps

IPv6 Allocation Statistics

IANA Allocations to RIRs

IPv6 Allocations

Global IPv6 Distribution per RIR

IPv6 Allocations - APNIC

IPv6 Allocations - ARIN

IPv6 Allocations - RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC IPv6 Distribution per country

Costs for IPv6 Allocation

Presentations & Discussion Papers

Pointers & References


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