The Internet Registry System How to run a Local IR


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The Internet Registry System How to run a Local IR


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Reseaux IP Européens

What is RIPE?

How RIPE Works

Join RIPE Working Groups

Subscribe to RIPE Mailing Lists

RIPE Meetings

Come to RIPE Meetings

RIPE Meeting Attendees in 1999

RIPE Meeting Attendance per Organisational Category 1999

Global Context

RIPE Network Coordination Centre

What is the RIPE NCC?

Why a NCC ?

RIPE NCC History

Vital Statistics

RIPE NCC Membership

New LIRs per Region 1999

New LIRs in 2000

RIPE NCC Activities (1)

RIPE NCC Activities (2)

Formal Decision Making

Global Internet Registry System

Authority in the Net??

Structure of ICANN

Address Supporting Organization

RIR Service Regions

Goals of the Internet Registry System

Address Distribution

Running a Local Internet Registry

How to get IP addresses?

Becoming a LIR

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DNS Activities

RIPE NCC Hostcount per Quarter

DNS Management

Why Do You Need Reverse Delegation ?

Request Reverse Delegation

Reverse DNS Quality Report

The RIPE Database Its usage and its usefulness

RIPE Database

RIPE Database

Some Database Objects

Almost 5 Million Objects

‘person’ Object

‘role’ Object

Network Object

Querying the Database

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Example query

whois -h and -a

whois -t (person)

whois -i

Example Query

RIPE whois Flags

More RIPE whois Flags

DB Update Procedure

DB Update Procedure

E-mail Interface

Syntax Checking

Example Error Message

Deleting an Object

Nic-hdl’s (Example)




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