This is a purely informative rendering of an RFC that includes verified errata. This rendering may not be used as a reference.

The following 'Verified' errata have been incorporated in this document: EID 5787
NETWORK WORKING GROUP                           J. Melvin
Request for Comments #124                       NIC
NIC #5840                                       19 April 1971

                     Typographical Error in RFC 107

Catagories:  C
RFCs Obsoleted:  none
RFCs Updated:  107 
EID 5787 (Verified) is as follows:

Section: GLOBAL

Original Text:

RFCs Updated:  106

Corrected Text:

RFCs Updated:  107
Amusingly, this early RFC errata mis-labels the very RFC that it's updating (though it's correct in two other places in the document, including the title).
On page 7 of RFC 107, the RTS (1.) should be an STR. [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the ] [ direction of Alex McKenzie. 12/96 ]