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The following 'Verified' errata have been incorporated in this document: EID 4987
Network Working Group                                         L. Chapin
Request for Comments: 1438                                          BBN
                                                             C. Huitema
                                                           1 April 1993

                    Internet Engineering Task Force
                      Statements Of Boredom (SOBs)

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   The current IETF process has two types of RFCs: standards track
   documents and other RFCs (e.g., informational, experimental, FYIs).
   The intent of the standards track documents is clear, and culminates
   in an official Internet Standard.  Informational RFCs can be
   published on a less formal basis, subject to the reasonable
   constraints of the RFC Editor.  Informational RFCs are not subject to
   peer review and carry no significance whatsoever within the IETF

   The IETF currently has no mechanism or means of publishing documents
   that express its deep concern about something important, but
   otherwise contain absolutely no useful information whatsoever.  This
   document creates a new subseries of RFCs, entitled, IETF Statements
   Of Boredom (SOBs).  The SOB process is similar to that of the normal
   standards track.  The SOB is submitted to the IAB, the IRSG, the
   IESG, the SOB Editor (Morpheus), and the Academie Francaise for review, analysis, reproduction in triplicate, translation into ASN.1, 
EID 4987 (Verified) is as follows:

Section: GLOBAL

Original Text:

and the Academie Francais for review

Corrected Text:

and the Academie Francaise for review
Perfect day to file an erratum against this RFC

"Academie" is female so "francais" needs the final e.

[Also, it should be "Académie française" but I'll wait for the implementation of RFC 7997.]

-- Verifier note (EV) --

Indeed, it should be "Académie française" ;-)
and distribution to Internet insomniacs. However, once everyone has approved the document by falling asleep over it, the process ends and the document is discarded. The resulting vacuum is viewed as having the technical approval of the IETF, but it is not, and cannot become, an official Internet Standard. References [1] Internet Activities Board, "The Internet Standards Process", RFC 1310, IAB, March 1992. [2] Postel, J., Editor, "IAB OFFICIAL PROTOCOL STANDARDS", RFC 1410, IAB, March 1993. Security Considerations Security issues are not discussed in this memo, but then again, no other issues of any importance are discussed in this memo either. Authors' Addresses A. Lyman Chapin Bolt, Beranek & Newman Mail Stop 20/5b 150 Cambridge Park Drive Cambridge, MA 02140 USA Phone: 1 617 873 3133 EMail: Lyman@BBN.COM Christian Huitema INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis 2004 Route des Lucioles BP 109 F-06561 Valbonne Cedex France Phone: +33 93 65 77 15 EMail: Christian.Huitema@MIRSA.INRIA.FR