Working Experience with ROE

- Route Object Editor -

Joachim Schmitz, DFN-NOC

RIPE 25 / 23. Sep. 96

ROE - what is it?

ROE is a ROE was written by Cengiz Alaettinoglu ( as part of the RA Toolset In this presentation version 3.3.2 is studied.

ROE - what does it?

ROE works on routes as for a given AS.

ROE may be used to

route objects in IRRs and to them against router BGP tables

ROE - what does it show?

Given an AS number and a BGP table ROE allows to determine whether

[ screen shot of ROE ]

ROE - working experience

ROE - recommendation

ROE is particularly useful to because it compares and working on IRR data is simplified by

=> conclusion: ROE is a "must" for ISPs

Thanks to Cengiz Allaettinoglu and the RA Project for supplying the RA ToolSet which includes ROE.